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Releem Inc. is a software company specializing in automating database performance management. With over a decade of experience in MySQL server tuning and maintenance, our international team continuously improves the performance of clients' applications by optimizing their MySQL servers.
Our goal is to provide businesses and developers with a user-friendly and efficient solution to simplify database performance management. By doing so, we aim to enhance web application speed, improve user experience, and potentially reduce the costs associated with database infrastructure.

MySQL Performance Tuning Tool

Releem leverages advanced algorithms and AI to analyze your database metrics, automatic detect performance issues and suggest configuration adjustments that significantly enhance speed and efficiency.

Here's what Releem offers:
  • Automated Tuning: Releem eliminates the need for manual configuration by analyzing your workload, server, and database information. This process pinpoints areas where performance can be improved and suggests adjustments to relevant MySQL settings.
  • Simplified Management: Releem provides a user-friendly dashboard that displays all essential metrics in one place. This eliminates the need for complex navigation and custom reports, making database management more accessible.
  • Broad Compatibility: The tool works seamlessly with various platforms, including popular Linux distributions, all versions of MySQL/MariaDB/Percona, and cloud services like AWS RDS and Aurora.
  • Performance Boost: Releem's recommended configurations can enhance the performance of your MySQL 8, 5.7, or MariaDB databases by 30%, as well as the web applications that depend on them, compared to default settings.

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  • Roman Agabekov
    Founder & CEO

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