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Poor database management can lead to severe performance degradation of your applications, data loss, and even availability issues. If you are struggling to handle the challenge of database monitoring and managing, Releem offers a sophisticated yet straightforward solution. Our advanced reporting features timely insights and recommendations, giving you confidence that your servers are operating smoothly.

Weekly Summary Reports

Releem's Weekly Summary Reports offer a concise yet comprehensive overview of your server's performance and potential optimizations delivered to your inbox every week:
  • Server Summary – A concise summary of all monitored servers offers a quick snapshot of their overall health. Assess the vitality of your MySQL instances at a glance.
  • Optimization Opportunities – Unapplied recommendations are highlighted. These suggestions pinpoint areas where performance gains can be achieved.
  • Agent Health Check – A Releem Agent status report provides information that the monitoring tool is functioning correctly and collecting accurate data.
  • Performance Metrics Insight – Includes information on key metrics like Latency and Queries Per Second (QPS). Tracking these metrics over time allows for an understanding of how implemented changes are impacting your server behavior and efficiency.

For more detailed information on Weekly Summary Reports, check out our documentation here.

Releem's Weekly Summary Reports

Daily Recommendations Report

We've also recently introduced the Daily Recommendations Report. This feature was born from listening to our users' feedback and understanding the need for more timely, actionable insights (Issue #193). Whenever Releem identifies new optimization opportunities for your MySQL servers, you will receive a daily report highlighting these recommendations.

Activating these notifications is straightforward. Simply visit your Profile page and enable notifications for daily reports.

Daily Recommendations Report

How Do These Reports Benefit You?

  • Timely Insights, Tailored Actions
    Releem's reporting provides actionable insights customized to meet your unique server requirements and workloads. Our Weekly Summary Reports and Daily, guarantees you are always up to date with the right information at the right time.
  • Beyond Monitoring
    While traditional monitoring solutions might alert you to potential issues, Releem goes several steps further. We don't just identify problems – we guide you toward optimization with easy-to-apply configuration recommendations.
  • Ease of Use
    Simplicity is at the core of Releem's philosophy. Our reports are designed to be straighforward to understand, making database optimization approachable regardless of your experience level.
  • Proactive Performance Management
    Stay ahead of potential issues and performance degradation with reports that serve as your early warning system. This means less stress and fewer required interventions on your part.
  • Ensure Availability and Avoid Data Loss
    Regular reports provide recommendations that secure your storage engine, resource limits, and database configuration to reduce the risk of events that could lead to downtime and data loss.

The Releem Advantage

Give Releem a try and discover a whole new world of MySQL performance monitoring and tuning. Our daily and weekly reports will give you peace of mind that everything is going well with your servers. Explore our offerings today!
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