MySQL Performance Tuning as a Service

- Fastest way to improve MySQL performance
- Easiest way to keep MySQL configuration well-tuned
- Best way to reduce costs
- MariaDB and Percona compatible

How do engineers tune MySQL performance?

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What is Releem?

Releem is a MySQL Tuning Tool consisting of 3 components that work together to assess and configure MySQL servers
Releem Agent
Installs on servers, collects MySQL metrics and applies MySQL configurations
Releem Cloud Platform
Analyzes collected metrics, detects performance issues and recommends MySQL configurations
Releem Customer Portal
Displays current performance information about MySQL servers

How it works

Releem Agent collects metrics
Releem Agent automatically collects MySQL metrics, system information and transfers them to the Releem Cloud Platform
Releem Cloud Platform analyzes metrics
Releem Cloud Platform analyzes collected metrics, calculates MySQL Performance Score and automatically detects performance issues
Releem Cloud Platform makes recommendations
Releem Cloud Platform recommends new MySQL server configuration to improve performance
Releem Agent applies recommended configurations
You can apply the new configuraton file manually or automatically
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Why Releem?

Releem is the most effective way to improve MySQL performance and keep it's configuration well-tuned using AI and best practices.
for Developers
Releem helps to improve performance of web applications.

Using Releem developers can focus on improving their products without worrying about gaining a depth knowledge of the database backend domain
for Business
Releem reduces costs of server resources and saves time of engineers.

Releem improves the efficiency of server resources utilisation and the workforce productivity.

Releem features

to improve MySQL performance continuously
Releem automatically analyzes server information, detects performance degradation and recommends performance-optimized MySQL configuration.
We do not use your database data. We use only MySQL metrics and system information (like a monitoring system).
Simple installation
We prepared easy one-step installation just in one command.

Releem Demo

Screencast how to automatically tune MySQL configuration
A word from some of our happy users ❤️
We work hard every day to make your database servers faster
Releem has proven its effectiveness for thousands of databases.
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About us
We are an international team. Our current MySQL server tuning and maintenance experience spans over 10 years, through which we have been cutting costs of our customers by boosting their MySQL servers.
  • Roman Agabekov
    Founder & CEO

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