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Releem: Simplifying MySQL Query Analytics

Tackling slow or inefficient queries is a major headache. They drag down your database's performance, make applications sluggish, and can easily derail your productivity with time-intensive manual debugging. Identifying these problematic queries is not straightforward, and fine-tuning them to run efficiently takes up even more valuable time.

What are Query Analytics?

With Releem's new Query Analytics feature, you gain a smart monitoring tool that automates the identification of inefficient queries.

Inefficient queries use up excessive amounts of database resources, such as CPU time, memory, and disk I/O. This leads to slower performance and increased load on your server. These inefficiencies can be due to various factors, including how the queries are written, the structure of your database, and the absence or improper use of indexes.

The Query Analytics Block appears directly on Releem's dashboard, offering you an unprecedented view into the health of your MySQL database queries. It ranks your top 100 SQL queries based on two critical metrics: execution time and total load time. The block includes the following columns:

  • Count – A running count of how many times the query has executed since the last server restart.
  • Average Execution Time – Shows you the time it takes for each query to execute, allowing you to quickly identify and address slow-performing queries that can hinder your database performance.
  • Load on Total Time – Evaluates the total time consumed by all instances of that query, giving you a clear understanding of the query's cumulative impact on your server. This column includes a helpful visual (orange or blue bar) so you can quickly gauge which queries are having a greater impact.
  • Action – Click the Inspect button to view a specific query in detail.

How to Show Slow Queries – Sort by Average Time

To view slow queries, find the Query Analytics Block on the dashboard. Click the 'Avg. Execution Time' column heading. This will sort your top 100 queries in order, with the slowest-executing queries listed at the top.

How to Show Queries With Highest Performance Impact  – Sort by Total Load Time

To view queries that have the greatest impact on your server's performance, find the Query Analytics Block on the dashboard. Click the 'Load on Total Time' column heading. This will sort your top 100 queries in order, with the queries that are using the most resources overall listed at the top.

How to Inspect Query Details

Click the "Inspect" button to view the query statement in full.

Why Query Analytics Matters

Releem's Query Analytics is a real game-changer because it lets you pinpoint and fix query optimization issues way faster and more efficiently than before.

  • Always Accessible – the block sits right on Releem's dashboard, so anytime you log in, you can review how your queries are performing.
  • Proactive Optimization – This feature serves up granular real-time performance data on your top 100 SQL queries, helping you identify and resolve poorly performing queries as soon as they become a problem.
  • Time-Saving – By identifying the most impactful queries, the block saves you countless hours that would otherwise be spent on manual analysis (like sorting through the slow queries log) and troubleshooting.

Getting Started with the Query Analytics

No extra setup is required! If you're already using Releem, the Query Analytics Block is instantly available on your dashboard. You can immediately start using this feature to find slow queries and fix those that significantly impact your server performance.

Releem Makes MySQL Monitoring Easy

Haven't given Releem a whirl yet? But this sounds like a tool that would be an asset in managing your MySQL database? Then consider this your personal invitation to give Releem a try.

Releem is packed with helpful features:

  • Health Checks – Twice daily evaluations of 19 different metrics to reveal important information about your database's overall condition.
  • MySQL Monitoring – Releem is constantly monitoring your database metrics, to spot potential performance issues as they emerge, giving you peace of mind.
  • Automatic Recommendations – Releem identifies and pinpoints areas where your database needs improvement, offering tailored MySQL configuration suggestions that are implementable at the click of a button.
  • Simple Setup – The setup process for Releem is straightforward, so you can get straight to improving your database performance in no time.
  • Broad Compatibility – Releem prides itself on its compatibility with a wide range of database platforms and operating systems.

Our goal is to give you peace of mind by automatically analyzing monitoring metrics, find issues and slow queries, suggest recommendations to improve your server's performance without requiring hours of manual calculations and tuning on your part.
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