Releem: Autopilot for MySQL

For too long, the tech world has buzzed with innovations solving nearly every problem under the sun, except one that's been glaringly overlooked: the complexity of managing, monitoring, and optimizing MySQL databases.

Releem with Autopilot for MySQL is the long-awaited answer to the needs of engineers and database administrators everywhere – offering a streamlined, user-friendly approach to database management that's been missing from the digital toolbox.

What is Autopilot for MySQL?

Autopilot for MySQL is a core feature of Releem that automates the monitoring, detecting performance issues and optimization of your MySQL databases. By keeping tabs on essential performance metrics, from MySQL's throughput to the nitty-gritty of STATUS and system analytics, Autopilot eliminates the need for manual oversight. This not only saves you valuable time but also democratizes database optimization. Now, every developer, regardless of their background in database management, can harness the power of expert-level optimization.

With Autopilot, Releem invites you to experience database management as it should be: intuitive, powerful, and efficient.
Releem Dashboard for MySQL server

How Does Autopilot Elevate Releem Above Complex Monitoring Solutions?

Releem's Autopilot feature truly distinguishes it from the more cumbersome monitoring solutions out there. By offering a smart, streamlined way to handle MySQL management, Autopilot takes the grunt work out of metric analysis, performance issues detection and suggestion recommendations. Your database can run at its best with hardly any effort on your part.
Automated Metric Analysis and Issue Detection
Takes the burden off your shoulders by automating the analysis of MySQL performance metrics, MySQL Status, and System metrics.
Autopilot doesn't just wait for issues to arise, it actively seeks out potential performance bottlenecks and offers solutions to optimize your system ahead of time.
Choose How to Optimize
Puts the power in your hands by offering the flexibility to automatically or manually implement its optimization recommendations.
You could user automatic tuning by setting up cronjob or apply recommendations just in one click.
How to apply recommended configuration (screencast)
Advanced Settings and Resource Management
Click "Settings" to effortlessly modify and fine-tune advanced server settings, all from one accessible spot.
It allows for the precise tuning of MySQL configurations to optimize memory usage, which is especially beneficial for web servers.
Settings which you could set manually (screencast)
Review Recommendations
Advanced users could review recommendations before applying. Click "Configuration" to find your recommendations in one convenient location, then apply your new configuration with the click of a button.
How to apply recommended configuration (screencast)
Automatic Rollback
If any issues arise while applying a new configuration, Releem will smartly revert to the previous configuration.
Simplicity Beyond Autopilot
Built around the idea that managing MySQL servers should straightforward, Releem handles all the complex backend work of monitoring and optimizing your database for peak performance:

  • Automatic Health Checks – Releem quietly works in the background to continously assess your database's health. You'll only need to step in when we've got clear suggestions for improvement.
  • Releem Score – A single, easy-to-understand metric that provides immediate insight into the health of your MySQL database.
  • Getting Started? A Piece of Cake – Forget about complicated installation processes. With Releem, you'll breeze through set up and start making improvements in no time.
  • Effortless MySQL Monitoring – By analyzing your database's metrics, Releem spots potential performance issues, so you can rest easy.
  • Comprehensive Support - Designed for seamless integration with MySQL and its derivatives, including MariaDB, Percona and cluster solutions like Percona XtraDB Cluster, Galera Cluster, and InnoDB cluster.

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As engineers ourselves, the team behind Releem understands the value of your time and the importance of focusing on innovation rather than getting bogged down by routine maintenance and optimization tasks. We invite you to try Releem and finally experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your database is in expert hands.
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