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What's New At Releem | April 2022

It’s a new month, and we’ve got exciting updates to share for April 2022. Continue reading below to learn about the changes we’ve made to Releem’s Customer Portal and Cloud Platform.

Updates to Releem Customer Portal

1. Servers running more than just MySQL

If you have servers that run MySQL and other applications, then you should manually calculate the memory limit for MySQL and set it in the Releem Agent configuration. The MySQL memory limit is a vital part of web server performance tuning. Improperly set memory limits can be the cause of performance degradation.

To calculate the memory limit for MySQL, you should first calculate the limit for other applications on your server. These applications include web servers, MySQL, and other apps.
We’ve displayed the current memory limit in Releem Customer Portal to simplify managing MySQL servers.

2. Duplicate Server issue fixed

We recently received several reports from customers concerning duplicate servers. Releem Customer Portal was displaying multiples of the same servers.

We found that the root cause of this issue traced back to the web interface. We’ve rolled out a fix to prevent this issue and have not received any further reports of duplicated servers.

Updates to Releem Cloud Platform

1. Improved MySQL Performance Score

We are continually making improvements to MySQL Performance Score. The more accurate MySQL Performance Score is, the more Releem can provide accurate recommendations for MySQL configuration fixes.

MySQL Performance Score will no longer penalize servers if there is less memory than database size, but read and write efficiency is great. We don’t want customer servers receiving artificially low MySQL scores based on how a single setting is configured. We want to make sure that the metric is taking stock of the overall health of MySQL servers.

2. Minor fixes and improved performance

We’re always working behind the scenes to make minor fixes that keep Releem bug free and improve performance of the Cloud Platform.

3. Updates to Documentation

We are continually making improvements to Documentation. We’ve published an article on tuning the tmp_table_size MySQL variable.
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