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What’s New At Releem | January 2023

Greetings, Releem users! We hope you've had a great start to the new year.

We are proud to announce that Releem now supports AWS Relational Database Service (RDS).

If you are facing performance issues or are in need of a simple tool to monitor and optimize the performance and costs of your RDS servers, we invite you to try Releem.

Continue reading to learn more about the changes we've implemented in the month of January.

Updates to Releem Customer Portal

1. New Weekly Report

Releem Weekly Report
Our weekly report has been updated to provide you with more comprehensive information about your servers. In order to save you time and keep you informed, we have added new details regarding the status of your servers as well as changes in performance metrics that have taken place over the course of the week.

By including these updates, we aim to give you a clearer picture of how your servers are functioning and allow you to stay on top of any potential issues that may arise.

2. Added History Graphs

To enhance your monitoring experience and save you time, we have added history graphs for real-time system metrics, including CPU, RAM, and SWAP. Keeping an eye on these graphs is quite important during tuning, and it could be used as an alternative to hosting monitoring.

To open history graphs, just click on Performance Metrics gauge.

3. Expanded Metrics History (Premium only)

As a premium user, you now have access to an expanded metrics history. Instead of only being able to view metrics for a single day, you can now see data for the past week and month. This new feature allows you to keep a closer eye on performance metrics and track any improvements over time.

Here is the screenshot of Releem analytics server.

4. Fixed Graph Bug & Rebuilt Graphs

We have successfully resolved a bug related to the display of graphs in the Customer Portal. To enhance the performance and reliability of the interface, we have rebuilt the graphs using Chart.js, a popular and powerful charting library.

This rebuild not only addresses the previous issue with the display, but it also significantly improves the speed of the web interface, making it a more robust and user-friendly experience for you.

Updates to Releem Agent

AWS RDS Support

We are proud to announce that our agent now supports AWS Relational Database Service (RDS).

You can install Releem Agent to tune RDS in different ways:
  • docker in AWS Fargate.
  • docker on the EC2 instance.
  • without docker on the EC2 instance.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and help you achieve the best possible performance from your RDS.
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