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What’s New At Releem - January 2024

At Releem, our mission revolves around simplicity and efficacy. We're dedicated to offering you a tool that not only achieves outstanding results but does so with minimal complexity.

We invite you to join us for this exciting new year – as we further refine and enhance Releem to be the reliable, user-friendly solution you can depend on.

Updates to Releem Portal

We’ve made some big changes to Releem Portal this month, including a new notifications feature, bug fixes, and an improved server list!

  • Notifications for Newly Recommended MySQL Configurations – In response to a user’s feature request (Issue #193), Releem will now automatically send you a daily report highlighting servers that have new optimization recommendations. To start receiving these emails, simply activate notifications on your Profile page.
  • Revamped Server List – We’ve improved the server list to clearly indicate which of your servers have unapplied recommended configurations. This update ensures you can quickly identify and focus on servers that require your attention.
  • Bug Fix – We’ve addressed an issue where the weekly RAM and IOPS charts were displaying incorrect axes. These charts now display accurate data and axes.

  • Dashboard Performance Improvements – We've enhanced the performance of our Dashboard page to achieve a 25% improvement in load times. This was accomplished by transitioning the queries for metrics from MySQL to ClickHouse.

Updates to Releem Platform

Releem has been utilizing MySQL to store all metrics gathered from agents, aimed at recommending configurations and showcasing metrics on the Releem Dashboard. With Releem's growth, driven by monthly additions of hundreds of servers across various operating systems and AWS RDS, our database swelled to 300 GB. This rapid expansion accelerated data growth and slowed Releem Dashboard and internal operations. It also escalated the costs required to maintain high-performance levels.

To address these challenges, we embarked on a few months of testing with ClickHouse for storing metrics. The outcomes were highly positive, marked by:
  • Reduction in database size
  • Shorter times for aggregation operations
  • Improved performance of Releem Dashboard.

Following this successful trial, we have now fully transitioned all metrics from MySQL to ClickHouse. This strategic move allows us to utilize MySQL for application logic while leveraging ClickHouse's robust capabilities for metrics handling.

For those interested in the technicalities and strategic insights behind this migration, we've documented the process in detail on our blog. This includes the rationale behind the shift, the benefits observed, and the impact on our operations.

Updates to Releem Agent

We don’t have any big changes to report for Releem Agent, but we’ve continued to improve our documentation and address incoming bug reports.

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