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What's New At Releem | July 2022

Welcome back to a new month of product updates with Releem. July was a busy month, as we updated our onboarding process, so new users started using Releem and improving SQL Performance even quicker. We added support for FreeBSD and have already moved to support the newest MySQL 8.0.30 update released on July 26th, 2022.

Keep reading to learn more about these and other changes for July. And as always, our customer experience is our number one concern, so if you experience any bugs, have any feature requests or recommendations, or just want to reach out, please do. Contact us at hello@releem.com.

Updates to Releem Cloud Platform

Releem is continually evolving and getting better at calculating MySQL Performance Score and recommending configurations to improve performance. Each month we aim to add more configuration variables and this month we’ve added.

1. Innodb_redo_log_capacity Added to Recommended Configuration Variables

We strive to stay in step with any MySQL updates. As soon as MySQL 8.0.30 was released on July 26th, 2022, we moved to support any variable or configuration changes as necessary. MySQL 8.0.30 is packed with bug fixes and other changes. The most significant addition in relation to MySQL configuration settings is innodb_redo_log_capacity.

The innodb_redo_log_capacity variable can be dynamically adjusted at runtime to alter the disk space that is occupied by redo log files. Two related system variables have been deprecated, and Innodb now stores 32 redo log files within the #innodb_directory.

Releem Cloud Platform can now detect performance issues associated with redo log files and recommend adjustments to innodb_redo_log_capacity as needed.

2. Query_cache_min_res_unit Added to Recommended Configuration Variables

The query_cache_min_res_unit variable sets the minimum number of bytes that are reserved for each query result stored in the query cache. The minimum byte size can be set to a multiple of 1024. Depending on the nature of system queries this variable can be adjusted up or down to more efficiently manage memory and limit locks and fragmentation.

Releem can now automatically detect the best value for query_cache_min_res_unit and recommend any changes to the configuration. Check out Releem today and never stress about your MySQL configuration again.

3. Improved recommendations of thread_cache_size variable

The values of thread_cache_size must be set according to max_used_connections. That's because you can not keep more threads in your cache than your server's requirement.

Updates to Releem Agent

Releem Agent supports FreeBSD

Releem’s monitoring system notified us of a user who installed Releem Agent but didn’t return any metrics. After looking into this oddity, we realized the user was using FreeBSD. We hadn’t encountered any users with this operating system before and hadn’t tested Releem Agent on FreeBSD.

We moved to quickly fix this issue, making sure Releem Agent supports Linux distributions, including FreeBSD. Now any user can improve MySQL performance using Releem’s recommended configuration on FreeBSD.
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