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What’s New At Releem - July 2023

At Releem, we believe in the power of collaboration and the invaluable insights our users bring to the table. With your feedback at the forefront, we made a number of improvements and fixes in July that were suggested by our dedicated users. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey to excellence.

We're actively collecting both issues and feature requests on our GitHub. Here's where you can contribute:

  • Issues: If you encounter any problems or bugs, report them here.
  • Feature Requests: Have an idea to make Releem even better? Share your suggestions here.

Updates to Releem Portal

We’re excited to share some significant updates and improvements to our dashoboard:

  • Improved MySQL Metrics Graphs – We have refined our MySQL metrics graphs to include ‘Applying Configuration’ events on the timeline. This addition should help you easily understand how your MySQL configuration changes have impacted the metrics.
  • Introducing the IOPS Graph – Monitoring input-output operations is now simpler with our new IOPS graph. What sets this graph apart is the ability to display both Read and Write operations on a single graph, utilizing two Y-axes for clarity.
  • Clearer System Metrics – Based on valuable user feedback (shoutout to David, who suggested this!), we’ve added system information to the System metrics bar. This clarifies that the displayed information pertains to the overall instance of MySQL.
  • Fixed Y-Axis Issue – We've resolved an issue regarding the Y-axis on our graphs. Previously, there were instances where the latency appeared erratic, but it was merely a minor fluctuation (0.5%). With this fix, the Y-axis is now absolute, eliminating any misleading visuals. Thanks to Henrik for finding this issue. For more details, check out the issue on our GitHub: Issue #167.

Updates to Releem Platform

  • Adjusting Automated Variables – We understand that the value of certain MySQL variables is contingent on specific business requirements, so we've decided to remove 'innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit' from our automated recommendations. However, we've still got you covered! If you wish to adjust this variable, you can easily do so manually via our web interface under the 'Recommended configuration' block settings.

  • Fixed Variable Bugs – We've addressed minor issues with the 'innodb_buffer_pool_instance' and 'thread_cache' MySQL variables. These were previously shown as unapplied recommendations on the dashboard, but this will no longer happen.

Updates to Releem Agent

As always, we've incorporated several bug fixes and performance enhancements to make sure the Releem Agent runs optimally, including these specific issues:
  • For those using the Sphinx engine, we've addressed and resolved the metrics collection issue, ensuring accurate and seamless data gathering.
  • We've refined the installation process for older MySQL and MariaDB versions that don't come with the Performance Schema. This ensures a hassle-free setup regardless of your database version.
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