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What's New At Releem | June 2022

It’s been a month since you last heard from us, but we have new features to share for June!

Thank you for sending in bug reports, recommendations, and feature requests, and please continue doing so. Your experience with Releem continues to be our number one concern.

We’ve made updates to improve your experience within the Customer Portal and added thread pool support to more accurately calculate MySQL Performance Score.

Updates to Releem Cloud Platform

1. Improved MySQL Performance Score

We’re continuing to add more metrics to MySQL Performance Score, to more accurately measure your MySQL Performance configuration. This month, we’ve added thread pool support for Releem’s MySQL Performance Score, including thread_handling and thread_pool_size.

The thread pool helps your MySQL server handle increasing client connections without performance degradation. Too many threads running concurrently means excessive context switching and hot lock contentions. Thread pool manages client connections by prioritizing and queuing based on the type of work to be accomplished.

Thread pool hasn’t just been added to MySQL Performance Score. Releem also automatically tunes thread pool variables to improve the performance of your database servers.

NOTE: MySQL thread pool is enabled in the Enterprise version. Releem automatically ignores this setting for MySQL Community Edition.

Updates to Releem Customer Portal

1. Height Fixed for Recommended Configuration Block

The Recommended Configuration block’s height was oversized in situations where Releem recommended more than 25 variable changes. We’ve fixed this issue so that the server page looks better and is more user-friendly, regardless of the number of variable recommendations for your server configuration.

2. Running on MySQL

Releem Customer Portal runs on MySQL. We’ve updated our database server and used Releem to tune MySQL. We wanted to improve the performance of the metrics page.

We’re very proud to showcase the power of Releem’s MySQL Performance recommendations. After tuning, the Releem metrics page loads 5 times faster. We hope you enjoy the improved loading times on the metrics page.
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