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What’s New At Releem - June 2023

As always, we're thrilled to introduce new enhancements to the Releem platform for June, but we first want to take a moment to highlight the additional benefits that come with our Premium Plans.

Our Free Plan has been widely embraced by our users, but we've received numerous inquiries about the added perks of upgrading to one of our Premium Plans. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect:

  • Enhanced Performance Tuning – The Premium Plan enables Releem to tune up to 45 server variables, a significant increase from the 10 variables accommodated in the Free Plan. This broad scope of tuning can significantly enhance your server performance.
  • Prolonged Metrics Retention – Instead of the single day of metrics retention offered in the Free Plan, the Premium Plan secures your metrics for a full 18 months. This longer retention period allows you to analyze trends and make more informed decisions over time.
  • E-mail & Chat Support – Instead of the Free plan, choosing the Premium plan grants you access to our prompt email & chat support, ensuring all your needs and queries are swiftly attended to.

By subscribing to one of these Premium plans, you're investing not only in the immediate enhancement of your server performance but also in the continual development of our products for improved future services.

We hope you'll consider the value that a Premium Plans offers.

Updates to Releem Portal

1. New Configuration Window

We've given our Configuration Window a complete redesign for a more streamlined user experience. Now, you can easily view both new and recommended configurations, clearly distinguished in separate columns.

Next, we're introducing variable states to help you better understand the changes:

  • Bold – Indicates a variable whose value has been altered in the Recommended configuration.
  • Normal – Denotes a variable that remains unchanged.
  • Disabled (greyed out) – For users on the Free plan, only 10 variables are available for tuning, and the rest will be displayed as disabled.

For more information and best practice guidelines on tuning these variables, we've added a helpful link to our documentation, available right beside each variable.
To make the process even smoother, for those of you who prefer copying the Recommended configuration manually, we've conveniently placed a Copy button next to the “New" header.

2. Improved MySQL Metrics Graph

We've also updated our MySQL Metrics Graph. Now, you'll find average values displayed beneath the metric name, depending on your selected period. Plus, you can easily compare how these values have changed from the previous period.

Updates to Releem Platform

1. New MariaDB Versions Support

We have now added support for MariaDB versions 10.11 and 11.0, further broadening our compatibility range to serve you better.

2. Upgraded Metrics Storage

As our metrics storage from your servers continues to grow rapidly, we are taking proactive steps to maintain optimal app performance. To this end, we are transitioning our metrics storage to ClickHouse, which is renowned for its performance capabilities.

Updates to Releem Agent

Releem Agent incorporates two types of data collection:

  • Short – This includes metrics collected every minute.
  • Extended – This involves MySQL Engine stats, Indexes, and table count collected once per 12 hours.

We are pleased to inform you that we have addressed a critical bug impacting the transmission of 1-minute metrics during slow data collection, particularly affecting customers with large databases. This fix will ensure continuous and accurate metrics reporting, regardless of the size of your database.
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