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What’s New At Releem - June 2024

June was a monumental month for Releem, thanks to your incredible support and engagement 🙌

We launched on ProductHunt 🎉, securing:
  • 4th place for the day
  • 5th place among developer tools for the week
Your contributions made this possible, and we sincerely appreciate your ongoing support ❤️

Community Contributions

We're always collecting issues and feature requests on our GitHub. Here's where you can contribute:

  • Issues – If you encounter any problems or bugs, report them here.
  • Feature Requests – Have an idea to make Releem even better? Share your suggestions here.

Updates to Releem Portal

We’ve made some significant enhancements to the Portal this month:

  • Weekly Reports – Our newly improved reports provide a better snapshot of your server performance over the last week, with enhanced details and a section for helpful suggestions.
  • Security Checks – While our primary focus has always been on performance, we’ve now broadened our scope to include seven essential security checks and documentation to fix them. These checks verify that the built-in MySQL security parameters are configured correctly. Security Checks are available for Premium plans.
  • CPU and Disk Alerts – Added new email alerts for critical situations, like when CPU utilization exceeds healthy levels or when disk space is low (Issue #147). To enable these alerts, click the Server Performance Alerts checkbox on the Profile page.
  • Partial Configurations – Added a new event for partially applied configurations. These events appear on the Releem Dashboard when only some of the recommended variables were applied.
  • Restart Events – Fixed an issue where the Releem Dashboard displayed many events when the MySQL service was restarted (Issue #305).

Updates to Releem Platform

  • Releem previously suggested variables for AWS RDS Aurora that cannot be changed. We added support for AWS RDS Aurora, so these parameters are no longer recommended (Issue #308).
  • Fixed an issue with the ‘innodb_buffer_pool_size’ recommendations for RDS. The algorithm now increases the value within the available free memory on the server (Issue #262).

Updates to Releem Agent

  • Introduced the ability to apply configurations without a restart to Releem Agent. In the future, this feature will be extended to Releem Dashboard, so recommendations can be applied without a database server restart.
  • Added SSL support for Releem Agent. Please reinstall Releem and use the environment variable ‘RELEEM_MYSQL_SSL_MODE=true’ to connect securely (Issue #310).
  • Fixed issues with the automatic installation script. Now, passwords containing an apostrophe are enclosed in double quotes, and socket connections are used for the root user authentication, bypassing the ‘skip-name-resolve’ setting (Issue #166).
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