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What’s New At Releem - May 2023


Exciting news! The month of May has been a busy one here at Releem as we've been focused on ramping up the capabilities of our platform. These updates, ranging from a revamped metrics collection process to a simplified server addition wizard, are designed to make your experience with Releem even more streamlined and efficient.

Before we dive into the specifics, we are thrilled to share that we have seen an overwhelming response to our announcement about the upcoming SQL Query Optimization feature. Dozens of users have joined the waitlist, demonstrating their eager anticipation. Hang tight – we'll be reaching out with more information very soon!

Updates to Releem Dashboard

We made a handful of changes to Releem Dashboard that we are excited for you to explore.

1. Improved Server Status Indicators

We've implemented new statuses for Recommended Confgiuration block, which will now provide more precise insights into the condition of your new and disconnected servers.

This update is designed to resolve any confusion regarding the need for Releem to take 24 hours to generate the first recommendations – a requirement due to our collection of baseline metrics for optimal tuning.

2. Dashboard Makeover

We are continuing to refine the visual representation of data on our dashboard. To bring about simplicity and speed, we've overhauled the graph interfaces.

You will now find that the MySQL metrics graphs share the same look and feel as the System metrics, streamlining your process of identifying dependencies.

3. Simplified Server Addition with New Wizard

We've simplified the installation process of the Releem Agent with a new addition wizard. For example, you will now find an option designed explicitly for RDS installations. This means that adding servers to your Dashboard has never been easier.

Updates to Releem Platform

And lastly, we want to share the variable additions and configuration changes we’ve made to Releem Platform:

Added New Variables – To supercharge your database performance, we've rolled out a suite of new variables:

innodb_change_buffering, Innodb_autoextend_increment, innodb_change_buffer_max_size, thread_stack, innodb_adaptive_flushing_lwm, transaction_prealloc_size, innodb_max_dirty_pages_pct

Configuration Improvements – We've ramped up the responsiveness of our configuration applying detection. This will allow you to perceive the impact of your configuration modifications in the Dashboard more rapidly.

Additionally, we've enhanced Releem Score.

Updates to Releem Agent

We also made a few changes to Releem Agent this month:

Performance Optimization – We have revamped our metrics collection process, delivering a more efficient and high-performing system that puts less stress on your databases so they run smoother and faster.

Docker Image Update – We have made yet another upgrade to our Docker image, this time with the addition of a new variable. This update enables you to customize when metrics are collected based on your needs, allowing you to schedule more time-intensive tasks to times that suit you best.

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