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What’s New At Releem - May 2024

We've been hard at work here at Releem, cooking up some awesome improvements to make your MySQL experience smarter and more robust than ever. We’ve fixed issues across Releem Portal, Platform, and Agent – and we continue to improve our new Query Analytics feature.

My good friend Vinicius Grippa, the MySQL Rockstar 2023, writer behind "Learning MySQL 2nd Edition" and Lead Database Engineer at Percona, recently shared his thoughts on Releem in the blog post.

This month, we also bid goodbye to Sendgrid as we migrated our transactional and help emails to Postmark and Mailerlite. Seamless communication is key, and we're always striving to improve!

Community Contributions

We're always collecting issues and feature requests on our GitHub. Here's where you can contribute:

  • Issues – If you encounter any problems or bugs, report them here.
  • Feature Requests – Have an idea to make Releem even better? Share your suggestions here.

Updates to Releem Portal

This month, our primary focus was on enriching the Query Analytics features, empowering you to analyze your queries effortlessly with all the essential information right at your fingertips. We also tackled a few reported bugs and feature request:

  • Query Cache Control – Now, you have the power to manually disable the Query Cache instead of automatically tune it. Releem disables Query Cache automatically if it isn't efficient. (Feature request #289)

  • Added Max Query Length – With the Max Query Length option, Releem now saves complete queries for in-depth analysis. (Issue #291)
  • Query Inspect Popup – Display the details of queries in Query Analytics with the click of a Inspect button. The Optimize button is unavailable now and was added to demonstrate our focus on Query Optimization.
  • Resolved a latency display issue on the Servers page. It now accurately shows in milliseconds. (Issue #303)
  • Addressed a dashboard IP address update glitch, that was occuring if the real IP address was changed. ensuring seamless reflection of real IP changes. (Issue #292)
  • Fixed an inaccurate aggregation of data issue on weekly and monthly charts.

Updates to Releem Platform

  • Addressed an issue where Releem failed to recognize the enabled status of innodb_log_file_buffering. (Issue #285)
  • Corrected the tuning of innodb_log_file_size instead of innodb_redo_log_capacity for Percona 8.x environments.
  • Removed transaction_prealloc_size for Percona 8.0.29 and later versions to streamline configuration management.

Updates to Releem Agent

  • No big changes to Releem Agent to report, but we've implemented a series of subtle fixes and performance optimizations.
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