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What's New At Releem | November 2022

Hi there,

Before we cover the latest changes to Releem Customer Portal and Releem Agent for November, we want to ask for your help as we start exploring an exciting new line of research.

MySQL server performance is a major component of shared web hosting performance. Shared hosting is a popular choice due to affordable pricing and flexibility, but performance is usually lacking. We want to research how tuned MySQL configuration can impact the performance of shared hosting servers.

We're looking for hosting companies eager to try new software that can improve their server performance.

If you are interested in participating in our research, please contact me at hello@releem.com

Updates to Releem Customer Portal

We’ve made significant changes to Releem Customer Portal and received a lot of positive feedback from customers.

1. MySQL Best Practices Checklist

We improved the MySQL Performance Score block by adding a "best practices" checklist. This checklist details MySQL Performance Score metric and shows how many "best practices" are actively applied to the MySQL server. You can quickly view which "best practices" are missing and when the last server analysis was completed.

Note: The actual performance shows a Latency graph. Releem tunes database server to improve Latency and sometimes best performance is inconsistent with "Best practices".

2. Added Slow Queries graph

We decided to further improve the dashboard by adding a Slow Queries graph. This valuable metric will help developers actively view what times slow queries are occurring. Before we added the Slow Queries graph, developers needed to manually connect to the server via ssh to view recent slow logs.

3. Improvements to Recommended Configuration Block

We wanted to streamline the Recommended Configuration section on the dashboard to take up less space but still provide all necessary information.

The number of unapplied recommendations can be viewed quickly, and clients can quickly view the configuration file by clicking the hyperlink.

4. Updated Dashboard

Updates to Releem Agent

Releem Agent is new and improved. We updated the installation instructions to make the processes less confusing and more straightforward.
This updated version of Releem Agent is now available to all users and published on the
Releem GitHub repository.

If you installed Releem Agent before November 27th, 2022 then please reinstall Releem Agent to update the Releem dashboard so you can view the new metrics.
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