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What's New At Releem - December 2023

One-Click Configuration and Automatic Rollback are Here!

Hi again! It's Roman, back with our product update for December.

Recently, I had the pleasure of presenting at the Percona Meetup Athens, marking my second appearance at this esteemed event. I talked about “How AI Can Help Developers Dodge MySQL Performance Pitfalls." It was a deep dive into how performance tuning works and the cool ways AI is shaking things up in this space. Chatting with some seriously smart engineers and sharpening my public speaking skills was a blast.

New and Improved Configuration Application Process

Here at Releem, we’ve been super busy cooking up some great stuff for our product. Our mission? To make database performance tuning a breeze with Releem. We’ve been all about making things automatic right from the start, dreaming up an AI-driven, set-it-and-forget-it kind of tool that keeps your databases running smoothly.

Guess what? We’re almost there! We’ve just rolled out a feature where Releem can zap configuration tasks straight to the Releem Agent. What this means for you: new configurations are just a click away, no more messing around with server connections or manual scripts.

Stay tuned – we’re just getting started, and there's a lot more coming your way!

Community Contributions

We're always collecting both issues and feature requests on our GitHub. Here's where you can contribute:

  • Issues – If you encounter any problems or bugs, report them here.
  • Feature Requests – Have an idea to make Releem even better? Share your suggestions here.

Updates to Releem Portal

We understand the importance of accessibility for users and MySQL performance observability, which is why we've made some key updates to the Releem Portal:

  • Notification for Increasing open_files_limit – We've tackled a common MySQL challenge – the inability to set recommended values for table_open_cache and max_connections due to a low open_files_limit. This update adds a crucial notification to help you manage this more effectively.  (Issue #171)
  • Server Restarts on MySQL Metrics Graphs (Closes #191) – We've added a new feature to track server restarts on MySQL Metrics graphs. This is crucial because frequent restarts can interfere with Releem's ability to collect metrics and provide suggestions, often due to incorrect manual memory tuning. (Issue #191)
  • One-Click Configuration Application for On-Premise Servers – Streamlining your experience, we've introduced an 'Apply Now' button in the web interface for automatic configuration application. Here's how it works:

  1. Click 'Apply Now'.
  2. The Releem Platform schedules the job for the Releem Agent.
  3. The Releem Agent requests the new job from the platform.
  4. It then saves the current configuration, applies the new one, and rolls back to the previous setup if the process fails.

We're currently offering this feature for On-premise servers only, with plans to extend it to AWS RDS.
New Health Check – Table Definition Cache – This new health check measures the efficiency of the table definition cache in MySQL. A high hit rate here means less disk I/O and better overall performance, making this an essential metric for optimizing your database.

Updates to Releem Platform

Great news for those using MySQL servers with the InnoDB engine disabled! We've just squashed a pesky bug that was causing a bit of a headache. Previously, Releem struggled to collect metrics from servers where InnoDB was turned off, leading to a roadblock in generating configuration recommendations.

We've dived deep into the issue and have come up with a fix. Now, Releem can smoothly handle servers without InnoDB, ensuring you get the top-notch configuration suggestions you need, no matter your server setup.

  • Check out the details of this fix here!

Updates to Releem Agent

We're excited to announce a significant enhancement to the Releem Agent! Understanding the importance of stability and reliability during configuration changes, we've introduced a new safety feature in our configuration application process.

Releem Agent is now equipped with an automatic rollback function. This means if any issues arise while applying a new configuration, Releem will smartly revert to the previous configuration. This update not only streamlines the process for scheduled configurations via cron but also ensures the safety of your database server when applying changes directly through the Releem Portal.

For more details on this update, check out the discussion here.
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