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What's New At Releem | October 2022

Hi there,

We can’t believe it's already November! We had a busy October working with customers and making improvements to Releem. As always, we thank our customers for their continued support and feedback. Your feedback, suggestions, and bug reports are invaluable to our team. If you’d like to submit your own feedback, please reach out at hello@releem.com, or you can find us on our social media.

You can now get live help on our new Releem Community group on Slack! We hope you check it out and that our users find lots of value in this new resource.

This month we redesigned key parts of Releem. We started with the Releem Customer Portal landing page and ‘Add server’ page before moving on to completely rebuild Releem Agent in the Go programming language. We also added the Latency metric to the Customer Portal dashboard, so users can quickly review Queries per second and Latency to see how their MySQL server is performing. Continue reading to find out more about our changes for the month of October.

Updates to Releem Customer Portal

1. Simplified "Add Server" page

This month we finally got around to addressing our "Add server" page. We’ve been handling many questions regarding this page, with customers finding the instructions to add a server confusing. We redesigned and simplified the instructions. Now users just need to enter their MySQL root user password and memory limit. Then a code snipped is generated for users to run on their server.

Now it’s much more straightforward and easier for users to follow:

2. Added Latency Graph

Last month we added the Queries per seconds graph to the Releem Customer Portal dashboard. This month we finished rounding out the dashboard with a Latency graph.

Latency is the amount of time it takes for the MySQL database to receive a request, process the request, and return a response. Latency is a valuable metric that helps users understand their MySQL server’s current performance.

3. Redesigned Front Page

Updates to Releem Agent

1. Rebuilt Releem Agent

We rebuilt Releem Agent using the Go programming language. This rebuild means Releem Agent can collect metrics faster and more securely.

To ensure it ran properly and did not introduce any issues, we tested the new Releem Agent for more than a month. In early November, we started rolling it out to customers.

We also made a few other changes to Releem Agent, which you can learn more about below:
  • Collecting metrics from Performance Scheme. Each metric we add helps Releem provide customers with a more informed picture of their MySQL performance.
  • We simplified the Releem Agent installation, so there is no more dependency on my.cnf. We realized that this was a barrier for some inexperienced users. It can now be installed in one step.
  • We’ve improved the security of Releem Agent. The installation now creates a read-only user for MySQL. Releem Agent uses this read-only user instead of the root MySQL user to better protect customer servers.
  • We also addressed the Releem Agent installation issues that cause the software not to install properly when run with sudo.
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