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What's New At Releem | September 2022

Hi there,

Welcome back to a new look at our product updates for Releem. We’ve made some exciting changes thanks to the continued support of our customers. As always, if you have any feedback, suggestions, or feature requests, please reach out at hello@releem.com, or you can find us on our social media. We’d love to hear from you.

For the month of September, we focused on adding support for the queries per second or QPS metric. We needed to make various changes to Releem Agent, Cloud Platform, and Customer Portal to make this a reality. We are also very excited to announce the redesign of Releem Customer Portal. We’ve simplified the dashboard, so all the information a customer needs is available at-a-glance. We hope to add to this redesign soon to include another metrics to further improve the user experience!

Updates to Releem Customer Portal

1. Customer Portal Redesign

This new design showcases the following information in a visually appealing format for easy viewing:
  • MySQL Performance Score
  • Recommended Configuration and Instructions (for applying Recommended Configuration)
  • Queries per Second (QPS)
  • Space for future metric graph (likely latency)

2. QPS Graph

  • QPS, or queries per second, is a valuable metric for viewing the current state of a MySQL server. A QPS graph displays the number of queries a MySQL server receives from an application.

Updates to Releem Cloud Platform

  • We’ve added a QPS graph to the Releem dashboard. If you’d like to take advantage of this new feature and easily view your server’s QPS graph from the dashboard, please reinstall Releem Agent.

3. Weekly Summary Reports

  • Our customers can now check a weekly summary report for their MySQL servers. These reports contain helpful information and recommendations to improve performance while keeping customers updated on any changes to their server within the last week.

Updates to Releem Agent
QPS metric

  • As covered in the Releem Customer Portal section, QPS functionality was added to Releem Agent. The QPS graph is created from data collected by Releem Agent. Releem Agent is now collecting queries per second data from all customer MySQL servers.

Updates to Releem Cloud Platform

1. Architecture Improvements

  • We're going to bring more information about the current state of MySQL server. To make it possible we made improvements to the architecture of the Releem Cloud Platform to support additional metrics like QPS, and Latency.

2. Aggregating Server Metrics Algorithm Changes

We were experiencing issues with our algorithm for aggregating server metrics based on IP addresses. We found that Dynamic IP addresses caused problems when adding new servers because we’d receive metrics for that server from a different IP address.

  • We’ve changed the algorithm, so we are now using hostnames to aggregate server metrics, What does this mean for our customers? We highly recommend users assign a different hostname to each server.
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