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What's New At Releem - February 2023

Last month we published useful research on How MySQL Configuration Impacts the Performance of Web Apps that provides valuable insights to developers.

Our latest product update for February is packed with exciting new features to make managing your MySQL database easier than ever.

We've given Releem a fresh design based on customer feedback. Our team has added daily health checks that give users detailed information about their MySQL state, and we revisited the Recommendation block. Releem continually searches for opportunities to improve latency, which are displayed within the Recommendation block.

But that's not all! We are excited to announce that we have rebranded our MySQL Performance Score to Releem Score! The new name better reflects the purpose of the metric, which is not about performance, but about best practices for maintenance.

Updated Releem’s Design

We updated Releem’s design based on customer feedback to bring more information regarding the current MySQL state through health checks and the current platform state using the new Recommendation block.

Recommendation block

We are excited to announce the redesign of the Recommendation block, which is designed to streamline your experience with Releem.
Once Releem identifies an opportunity to improve performance, it will begin to assess the configuration changes necessary and notify you when it's ready to apply. The new block provides a concise summary of the recommendations that Releem has generated, allowing you to easily implement these changes to improve your MySQL performance.

Health Checks

MySQL Health Checks are diagnostic tests that evaluate the health, performance, and stability of a MySQL server. Conducting regular MySQL Health Checks is crucial for ensuring that your server operates optimally and meets your business requirements. Releem performs health checks twice a day, providing users with up-to-date insights into their database's current state.
However, it's worth noting that while these health checks are best practices, they are not a measure of actual performance. Releem is committed to improving real performance, specifically latency, continuously.

MySQL Performance Score renamed to Releem Score

Over a two years ago, we introduced a new metric called MySQL Performance Score. However, we recently decided to rename it to Releem Score. This score represents the best practices for maintaining servers.
Additionally, the Releem Score is designed to guide users towards understanding the real performance of their MySQL database, which is reflected by the Latency. By focusing on latency, users can identify and address issues that are affecting the actual performance of their database, and Releem will help to improve Latency.
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