Releem automatically detects MySQL performance degradation and optimizes MySQL configuration files

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How it works

Releem is the autopilot for MySQL, automating analysis,
issue detection, and configuration optimization in one seamless flow
Automatically detect
performance issues
Releem Agent collects metrics and system information, transferring them to the Releem Cloud Platform which automatically detects performance issues.
Releem Cloud Platform proposes a revised MySQL server configuration to address problems and boost performance.
Enhance efficiency, save time,
and win
Releem Agent can automatically apply suggested configurations, or users can opt for manual mode.

The cycle then repeats.
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Releem use cases
Releem transforms MySQL management
by automatically detecting performance issues
and fine-tuning databases.
Releem maintains peak performance for web applications.

With Releem, developers can enhance their products without needing in-depth knowledge of the database backend domain.
Releem enhances AWS RDS with smart tuning capabilities, ensuring databases run at their best.

Engineers opt for Releem due to its user-friendly design, making AWS RDS database performance improvement more accessible.
Releem maintains MySQL performance across all servers, enhancing customer satisfaction and cuts engineers' time.

Providers rely on Releem to streamline db management, allowing them to focus on core services and customer support.
Why Releem?
Using Releem developers can focus on improving their products without worrying about gaining
a depth knowledge of the database backend domain
  • Clutter Free
    Releem provides simple dashboard and it cuts through
    the noise. No layers of menus, no need for custom reports.
    Get all the important metrics on one single page. No training necessary.
  • Hassle free
    Simple one-step Installation on most popular Linux platforms and Support of all MySQL/MariaDB/Percona versions,
    and cloud services like AWS RDS and Aurora.
  • Performance Booster
    Recommended configuration delivers a 30% boost to
    MySQL 8
    / MySQL 5.7 / MariaDB and Web Applications performance compared to the default configuration.
  • Health Checks
    Releem performs health checks twice a day, providing users with up-to-date insights describing the efficiency and "best practices" of using Memory, Connections, Logs, Cache, Disk, Indexes, and Threads. Releem calculates the Releem Score metric by summarizing Health Checks results.
  • Security
    Security is our top priority. Releem does not use your database data. It uses only MySQL metrics and system information,
    and HTTPS to transfer them. Releem Agent is open-source
    and can be reviewed to ensure it meets your security requirements.
  • Email reports
    Keep an eye on your servers with weekly email reports.
A word from some of our happy users ❤️
We work hard every day to make your database servers faster
  • Dave Hellings
    Founder at Akkedeer
    I'm really surprised by the performance improvement of the server since a releem suggested config we applied on Dec the 21th. The nr of writes is decreased by a factor 10 and the system is capable of processing 4 times more incoming iot messages
  • Mirko Rijgersberg
    Hi Roman,
    Just wanted to let you know the experience of one of our customers: They had problems with the backend of their Woocommerce website, had to wait for minutes when searching for an order or product.

    We installed Releem for them on their VPS and updated the configuration of MySQL only once after the first 48 hours. The results are amazing: The customer can search for orders and products without waiting and they are very happy with this.

    Thank you for the great product Releem is which allows us to offer our customers the best services!
  • Sunil Yadav
    Solution Architect at W3SERVICES
    I am thrilled to share my experience with what I can confidently say is the ultimate auto-tuning tool – a game-changer for MySQL server optimization.

    Look no further, as your auto-tuning search ends right here! I would like to extend my heartfelt best wishes for those who are behind this fantastic tool.

Releem has proven its effectiveness for thousands of databases

Boost your MySQL performance effortlessly
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About us
We are an international team. Our current MySQL server tuning and maintenance experience spans over 10 years, through which we have been improving performance of customers applications
by boosting their MySQL servers.
  • Roman Agabekov
    Founder & CEO
News and Articles
MySQL Configuration tuning is an important component of database management implemented by database professionals and administrators. It aims to configure the database to suit its hardware and workload.
Health checks play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of databases. These checks provide insights into a database's health, allowing administrators to monitor performance, diagnose issues, and take proactive measures to resolve them.
In this article, we benchmark the performance of MySQL 5.7 default configuration vs. configuration recommended by Releem.
In this article, we benchmark the performance of MySQL 8 default configuration vs. configuration recommended by Releem.
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