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What’s New at Releem and Special Offer | March 2022

March was a good month for Releem. We have made significant progress on the core product, and we are excited about upcoming features. If you are using Releem, we would love to hear from you more.

Updates to Releem Agent

Releem collects MySQL metrics and system information. It helps us recommend the best MySQL configuration to improve performance and reduce costs. We’ve fixed the problem that affects metrics collection.

If Releem Agent on your servers does not send metrics to Releem Cloud Platform every day, please remove Releem cron jobs and reinstall Releem Agent to fix it.

Updates to Releem Cloud Platform

Different versions of MySQL and MariaDB have different performance settings as developers add new and remove old ones.

Releem now checks the database version and adjusts recommendations if it has been upgraded or downgraded - making settings changes even more painless.

Special offer on Percona Live 2022 Note for Releem users

Percona Live is the place to learn about how open source database technology can power your applications, improve your websites, secure your data, and solve critical database issues.

Our partners at Percona give to all Releem users a solid 10% discount on the Percona Live 2022 Note.