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What's New At Releem | February 2022

Welcome back!

February is already closed and it’s once again time for the monthly update. Check out the exciting changes we’ve made this month to Releem Agent, Releem Cloud Platform, and Releem Customer Portal!

Updates to Releem Agent

1. Releem Agent Configuration File

Releem Agent now includes a configuration file, releem.conf. Setting the api_key and memory_limit variables within the configuration file, allows DBA’s to launch only Releem Agent without command line keys. This update improves the management of multiple MySQL servers simultaneously and allows the use of open-source automation tools, like Ansible.

A client managing over 70 webservers with Releem Agent has reported success using the configuration file. By settings the variables mentioned above, Ansible can launch without connecting via SSH, saving the DBA significant time.

2. New Way to Update Releem

Updating Releem Agent is simpler than ever before. Simply run one command.

3. Bug Updates

Speaking of updates, we’ve improved Releem Agent and fixed reported bugs. Please update Releem Agent using the command above or documentation, as soon as possible.

Updates to Releem Customer Portal

1. What variables are changing?

After many requests for a list of variable changes, we’ve finally been able to include this feature. When viewing the Recommended Configuration from the Dashboard, users can find the variable changes that are being recommended at the bottom of the list.
This new feature is demonstrated below:

Updates to Releem Cloud Platform

1. New Variables

In an effort to continually improve recommendations, we’ve added two new variables to the Recommended Configuration list. These variables are:
  • max_heap_table_size
  • tmp_table_size

If you need documentation for these variables, stay tuned for future updates! We are continually expanding and updating our variable documentation to better assist users and DBAs.
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