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What's New At Releem - March 2023

We're excited to unveil this month's Releem product updates, packed with enhancements and features designed to make your experience even more seamless and enjoyable.

From streamlined installation processes to comprehensive documentation updates, our latest improvements are sure to elevate your workflow. Plus, don't miss out on an upcoming industry event that could boost your professional growth!

Updated Releem’s Documentation

We have updated Releem’s documentation to ensure it is current and comprehensive. The previous version was outdated and did not cover the latest features introduced to Releem. The new documentation now provides a detailed description of the onboarding process and all product functions, including variables and health checks.

We’d love for you to explore the documentation changes:

How to Add a Server – provides step-by-step instructions on how to add self-managed or cloud-managed servers to Releem’s dashboard.

Getting and Applying Recommendations – learn how Releem’s Recommended Configuration block works and how to apply these recommendations.

Releem Dashboard – details the different insights and recommendations that are found on the dashboard, including Releem Score, Recommended Configuration, Memory, Latency, and more.

Health Checks – details the four main blocks of health checks that Releem uses to evaluate a server’s health, performance, and credibility.

Weekly Reports – learn what information is included in our weekly server reports, keeping you informed on the state of your servers.

New Health Checks Article

In addition to the Health Checks documentation, we have also released a new comprehensive article on the role and importance of health checks. We break the health checks into four core categories and cover 15 critical metrics. Check out the article if you’d like to learn how to gather the required data, calculate, and interpret the results of each metric.

It’s a time-intensive process to handle manually, but Releem’s takes all of this off your plate by handling it behind the scenes on your behalf.

Updates to Releem Agent

We made a few changes to Releem Agent this month:
  • We have streamlined the installation process for Linux, reducing the required additional packages.
  • We improved the Docker image, allowing you to change the server name in the Releem Dashboard even if you're unable to rename the MySQL container.

Updates to Releem Portal

We've simplified the removal of stopped servers. You can now delete servers directly from the Dashboard without needing to contact us. Simply uninstall the Releem Agent and click the Edit link on the servers page.

We have also fixed several bugs and improved the overall performance of the Customer Portal. Our team is committed to delivering the best experience possible for our users, and we are constantly working to improve and optimize our platform.

Upcoming Event – Percona Live 2023

We are excited to highlight the upcoming Percona Live event in our monthly product update, as we believe it may be of interest to our users. Percona Live is a renowned conference where professionals from around the world gather to discuss and learn about the latest developments in open-source databases and related technologies.

By attending Percona Live, you'll have the opportunity to connect with experts, gain valuable insights, and participate in hands-on workshops, enhancing your knowledge and skills in the field. We encourage our users to consider attending this event to stay updated on industry trends and to expand their professional network.

For more information and registration details, please visit the Percona Live website.
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