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What’s New At Releem - February 2024

We're thrilled to share that, based on our recent survey, a majority of our customers have expressed immense satisfaction with Releem's capability for automatic detection of performance issues and offering actionable recommendations for improvement.

A heartfelt thank you to Paul for encapsulating this sentiment perfectly by referring to Releem as "peace of mind." Your feedback fuels our commitment to excellence.

This month, we've dedicated our efforts to enhancing your experience with Releem. We've refined the user interface, enriched our documentation, and streamlined the onboarding process to guarantee you derive the utmost value from your databases.

Community Contributions

We're always collecting issues and feature requests on our GitHub. Here's where you can contribute:

  • Issues – If you encounter any problems or bugs, report them here.
  • Feature Requests – Have an idea to make Releem even better? Share your suggestions here.

Updates to Releem Portal

We understand the importance of accessibility for users and MySQL performance observability, which is why we've made some key updates to the Releem Portal:

  • New Server Settings Options – We've simplified the configuration process directly from the interface by adding memory_limit and long_query_time to settings. This eliminates the need for manual edits in the Releem Agent configuration.
  • New long_query_time Setting – Adding this MySQL variable option allows for more granular control of Slow Queries, enabling you to monitor queries exceeding this time via the Slow Log graph.
  • Refined MySQL Health Checks – Our latest update provides a more comprehensive description of MySQL Health Checks, including insights into the implications of high and low values, making you more informed.

Updates to Releem Platform

  • We've added a much-needed feature specifically for our AWS RDS users. Now, if you tweak your configuration settings, Releem automatically detects those changes without requiring a server restart. (Issue #270)
  • Aligned the timing of metrics with the Releem Platform’s time, addressing issues related to incorrect customer's server time settings. (Issue #264)
  • The transaction_prealloc_size recommendation for MySQL version 8.0.29 was removed, as this setting has been deprecated. (Issue #267)

Updates to Releem Agent

  • We implemented a logging feature for Releem Agent. If the Agent crashes, it will send logs to the Releem Platform. We hope this will help us find and fix issues faster, providing you with a smoother experience.
  • Added a new version of Releem Agent to support i686-architectures (32-bit). (Issue #263)

Last but not least, we've just rolled out some fresh updates to our documentation, packed with richer details on MySQL Performance Metrics, Slow Queries, and Throughput. Check out these new resources:
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