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What's New In Releem | January 2022

Our monthly updates are intended to keep our users in the know, about what is new at Releem. We are actively working on updates to continue to improve our user’s experience. We always welcome user feedback and suggestions. Check back regularly to stay up-to-date with the changes!

Updates to Releem Customer Portal

1. Automated subscriptions and credit card payments

We want to save our customers time whenever we can. We have added paddle.com integration to automate the monthly renewal process for our customers’ subscriptions. Credit card processing is now supported.

2. Enterprise Plan

We wanted to offer the best database performance and save the time of busy engineers at large companies. Our team at Releem is excited to announce we’ve added an Enterprise plan for companies with many MySQL servers.

3. More Documentation

Our team at Releem is focused on continuing to grow our library of thorough and reliable documentation to enhance our customer's understanding of our software. Our new pages can be found at:

Updates to Releem Platform

1. MariaDB 10.6

We want to support all versions of MySQL, MariaDB and Percona, and are excited to announce Releem now supports MariaDB 10.6.

  • The developers of MariaDB removed several variables from MariaDB 10.6. Since Releem now supports MariaDB 10.6 as well.

2. Simplified Servers List

It was too hard to find MySQL servers in the servers list for customers with more than five servers because of an IP address instead of a hostname.

  • We’ve simplified the servers list to help users find their intended servers faster by changing IP addresses to hostnames.
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