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What's New In Releem | July 2021

At Releem, we strive to continually improve upon our product, to better serve our customers. We’ve been working hard on this next set of updates and hope you will check out all the new changes!

Updates to Releem Customer Portal

We’re very proud of the developmental improvements for Releem Customer Portal. The web interface has been changed to provide information more efficiently to you! Now you are able to see MySQL Performance Score, wherever you are, for each of your MySQL servers.

MySQL Performance Score

This NEW metric is a great way to track the performance and health of your MySQL servers. By consolidating and summarizing your many MySQL settings and metrics into one, you can quickly and easily check how your MySQL servers are performing.

A score of 90 or above is Good!
Documentation on MySQL Performance Score.

Updates to Releem Agent

Documentation has been improved to provide you with better resources for Releem, particularly for installation and usage. We strongly recommend that even veteran database administrators familiarize themselves with our documentation!

Updates to Releem Platform

We've rolled out new updates for our platform! These updates are aimed at improving variable calculation, so Releem can better analyze your server information and produce more accurate and helpful MySQL configuration files.

Improved Variable Calculation

We’ve updated variable calculation methods to more accurately recommend MySQL settings. Below are the variables that have been updated:
  • 'myisam_sort_buffer_size' variable
  • 'read_rnd_buffer_size' variable
  • 'sort_buffer_size' variable

We hope you enjoy the newest changes to Releem. Our goal is to continually deliver the best in continuous MySQL performance tuning. As always, if you have any concerns, comments, or suggestions, please reach out to us.
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