Releem Score

What is Releem Score?
Releem Score is a metric developed by Releem and designed to classify how well a MySQL server is performing and represents the best practices for maintaining servers. The Releem Score can be accessed at any time via the Releem Customer Portal. This new metric is intended to simplify and automate the evaluation of a MySQL configuration

Additionally, the Releem Score is designed to guide users towards understanding the real performance of their MySQL database, which is reflected by the Latency. By focusing on latency, users can identify and address issues that are affecting the actual performance of their database, and Releem will help to improve Latency.

Classification Breakdown for Scores

Monitoring data is combined to produce a numerical value that can be classified as Good Performance, Performance Improvements Needed, and Poor Performance. Releem Scores will range between:

  • 90-100: Good Performance (Fast)
  • 50-89: Performance Improvements Needed (Average)
  • 0-49: Poor Performance (Slow)
MySQL Performance Score
To further understand this breakdown:
  • Good Performance means the MySQL server is well-optimized with limited bottlenecks or irregularities.
  • Performance Improvements Needed means that the MySQL server is somewhat optimized but DBA's may look into improving specific metrics that fall short.
  • Poor Performance means the MySQL server is not well optimized and configurations changes should be made as soon as possible to improve speeds.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How to use MySQL Performance Score?

You can use this metric to determine the effectiveness of the MySQL configuration on your database server.
When the Releem Score decreases, it means that you have the opportunity to change the MySQL configuration to improve performance.

Where can I find more information on MySQL Configuration?

To learn more, look over this curated list of resources covering MySQL configuration.

Does Releem support my database management system in calculating Releem Score?

Releem supports all versions of MySQL, MariaDB and Percona.

How can I get Releem Score for my database server?

Releem Score for your server is provided by Releem. To learn more or sign up for free, visit