Tuning bulk_insert_buffer_size variable

Basic Details

The bulk_insert_buffer_size variable sets the size of the buffer for bulk inserts cache-tree.

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bulk_insert_buffer_size – Usage

A bulk insert is a method of loading multiple rows of data into a database table. The following statements are bulk actions that speed up when MyISAM uses the special tree-like cache known as the bulk_insert_buffer_size: INSERT ... VALUES
Setting the bulk_insert_buffer_size variable limits the size of the cache tree in bytes per thread.

bulk_insert_buffer_size– Configuration

According to MySQL documentation, setting the session value of the bulk_insert_buffer_size variable has been restricted since MySQL 8.0.14, The session user must have the appropriate privileges to set the restricted bulk_insert_buffer_size variable.

The bulk_insert_buffer_size variable system variable can be configured using the configuration file:
Configuration File:
bulk_insert_buffer_size variable = XX

Replace XX with value to suit your database needs. Must restart MySQL server to see changes applied.

bulk_insert_buffer_size – Considerations

The bulk_insert_buffer_size variable can improve data insertion rates if data is added to non-empty tables. This variable only affects MyISAM tables and will not change InnoDB tables. The default value for the bulk_insert_buffer_size variable is 8 MB. The improvement is more obvious when inserting data in more than 10,000 rows.

To find the best value for bulk_insert_buffer_size, incrementally increase buffer size values until a performance improvement is apparent.

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