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What's New In Releem | October 2021

Monthly updates are a great way to see what Releem’s development team is actively working on! We’ve made a handful of impactful changes we think will greatly improve our user’s experience with Releem! Check back regularly to stay up-to-date with the changes!

Updates to Releem Platform

1. Special Case: ONLY MyIsam tables

We had a user report that no configuration was recommended for their MySQL server. Upon further discussion, we learned the user’s server used only MyISAM tables.

This is an unusual server setup but has been resolved. Releem can now recommend a configuration for MySQL servers with only MyISAM tables.

2. Recommended Configuration Terminology Fix

There was inconsistent formatting in the Recommended configuration files. Users should now encounter consistent formatting:

Updates to Releem Agent

We wanted to simplify the installation process for new users. Releem Agent will now install automatically. This removes the need for manual installation on cron and first run.

Updates to Releem Customer Portal

1. Added Documentation

Our team has created a documentation page for MySQL Performance Score that can be found here. You can learn how Releem Agent, Releem Cloud Platform, and Releem Customer Portal interact and how to intercept your server's MySQL Performance Score!

2. MySQL Performance Score

Excited to announce that MySQL Performace Score is free for all servers! All you need to do is create a free account to have access to this powerful method of evaluating your MySQL server.

3. Removed MySQLTuner Recommendations

Releem supports MySQLTuner and we collaborate with MySQLTuner developers team. MySQLTuner is a great tool, that provides many recommendations for settings. We found that for most users, these extra settings were unnecessary and cluttered the web interface.

These recommendations have been removed from the web interface because Releem will automatically manage MySQL configuration.


Check out Laravel Performance Improvement

Published an article about how your Laravel application could benefit from MySQL configuration. Following a short introduction on installing and configuring Releem, you can learn about the benchmark results for MySQL servers using Releem’s recommendations.
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